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I am the proud owner of Normal Chiropractic. I have been treating patients at our location in the Bergfeld Center of Tyler, Texas since 2016. At Normal we currently offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, & Rehab, all under one roof.

All services are under my direction so you can trust that your treatment is tailored specifically to you and appropriate for your condition. Come see what an integrated approach to Straightforward Chiropractic, Modern Acupuncture, Clinical Massage Therapy, & Rehab can do for you


I Do Not Accept Insurance

Contracting with insurance companies is something that I have deliberately chosen not to do. This allows me to keep prices reasonable and level across the playing field and most importantly, offer services to my patients without a third party insurer deciding what's best for you.

I offer short term plans to keep my services more economical for my patients who need more care. On request, I will happily provide CPT codes for all services rendered for those who choose to self-file insurance claims. As always, I accept FSA and HSA.

Medicare does not allow chiropractors to contract outside of Medicare for covered services such as adjustments for acute care.

Patient Information

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise


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